Welcome to Aimee Jean

Born on Monday 16th January 2012.  Aimee Jean Beck, the latest addition to the Beck household.  

Kath had a quick 2.5hr labour, and Aimee and Mum came home on Wednesday.

So far so good.  Mum and baby doing well.  Cameron (2 1/4 yrs) is still very curious about his new sister.

It has been great to have my Mum here for the week, and Dad comes back up to help out tomorrow.

My jobs for the next few weeks is building a Cameron prrof fence so he can play outside without the risk of running away, and building the last deck on the South Eastern corner of the house.  Only 4yrs late!  And a herb garden for Kath.  That'll pretty much take care of the 2 week parental leave.

Hopefully we'll also get some clear skies, as we have had not one this year!  Looking at the Observatory webcam history page shows a constant layer of cloud.

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